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Narang Projects is a leading firestopping contractor providing top services in installation and material supply in the Qatar region. We are a approved FM 4991 certified firestop contractor. Narang Projects goal is to provide professional efficient customer services in protecting people’s lifes and clients properties from damages due to the spread of fire and smoke within the building.

Narang Projects has a very experienced team and a professional operational staff, who we hold accountable and demand a high standard of expertise from our team. We are a firestopping contractor that can handle any type of project from very large to small size projects with a combined 35 plus years in the firestopping industry from our management and senior staff here at Narang Projects.

Narang Projects has currently 4 DRIs on our team which gives us the ability to use there expertise on multiple projects at one time to carrie out inspections and QCDD inspections on a daily bases. So within the Qatar region, this makes us your top choice to handle all your project needs from the design phase to the closeout phase of your projects.

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Narang Projects team is a efficient and professional contractor, we use all the top manufacturers products that provide us with the best solutions for your project needs, we have the capability of evaluating your specific requirements. Here at Narang Projects we can provide you with the exact solutions from site surveys to in depth project take-offs from the latest technology that gives you the proper cost information to make the right decisions for your project. We never believe in guess work and focus on developing keen solutions to ensure your property and the people using your properties are protected from the spread of fire and smoke.


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Narang Project WWL has been serving the people of Qatar with their team of skilled engineers and FM DRI approved international quality products for the glorious period of seven years. Our team of engineers have accomplished numerous projects which include - Malls, Stadiums, Qatar Foundation Projects, New Doha International Airport Project, Public Works Authority (ASHGHALL), and ISF CAMP.

Tailor Made Services

Tailor Made Services

We understand that every project requires a different solution. That’s why our team analysis the project carefully before mapping out the customized solution for the project.

Competent Team

Competent Team

Our team is a collection of highly competent senior management, Our DRIs are certified by FM 4991 (Factory Mutual) and approved by Qatar Civil Defence authorities.

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Narang Projects offers four turnkey solutions; Fire Resistive Construction Joints System, Expansion Joints System, Fire, and Smoke Resistive Curtain Wall Joints System and Firestop Through Penetration System.

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It all starts with the relationship and finishes with the estimation team. We are able to provide in-depth state of the art estimating software that is designed to provide the best solutions to our clients needs based on the project specificattions, we are then able to provide a turnkey proposal based on each individual projects need.


Once our team has the complete detail information for our client's project we will arrange for a site kick-off meeting and make sure we have all approvals from site Once this step is completed we can simply incorporate our scope of works into there requirements for an easy process at the site to complete our works.

Now the time has come to prepare for Qatar Civil Defense approvals. Narang Projects DRI in charge of the project will sit with our site engineers who have completed the project, They will review all the project details from the consultant's inspection reports to our detail redline drawings, and  review all our label logs and UL tested systems used for that project to ensure we have completed our works required as per DRI FM4991 requirements and as per Qatar Civil Defense.

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Check out our exclusive work performance by taking a tour of the following projects that we have accomplished in a competitive manner.

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