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Best Firestop Contractors in Qatar with the Aim to Ensure Your Safety

Who we are

Narang Project is the hub of the finest firestop contractors and fireproofing material in Qatar. We deal in different fire safety areas like firestop, fireproofing, expansion joints and cladding solutions. All these areas are very important in their own, but when they are merged together, then a complexed fire safety solution is created and there our services are required.

  1. We take full responsibility from firestopping to the fireproofing transition.
  2. We use our expertise when cladding solution clashes with the expansion joint.
  3. We set measures for fireproofing and waterproofing treatments.
  4. We certify the product's warranty.
  5. We manage the workmanship properly.

Due to our 100 years trusted relationship with our manufacturers, our skilled in house engineers and technicians can create a dynamic firestop solution for you. Our this relationship bound offers great satisfaction to our clients that their project will be completed perfectly and with the proper Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) whoever they may be from civil defense to airport fire marshalls.

who we are

Chairman message

Narang Project is established to provide fire safety and protection to the people of Qatar. With the His Excellency Shiekh Mohahammad Al Makhtoum, we aim to capture the fire safety market and make Qatar one of the safest place from the firestop services point of view.

Narang Project has been growing very quickly because we provide the top class firestop services and materials to our clients. We work with the sole motive of providing quality and on time delivery of projects. We strive to provide innovation and excellence to every arena of work field.

We give all credit of our success to our competent team who is constantly working to achieve the optimum level of excellence. We are thankful to all our present and past team members who have contributed to the success journey of Narang Project.

Narang Project has a very bright vision for the future and to achieve that we need all of your help to achieve our future goals.

Our Team

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Our Vision & Mission

Narang Project is the most honest and truly the best fire protection company in Qatar. We provide many services of the project that include firestop, fireproofing, and expansion joints solutions. All these areas are very important in their own, but when they are merged together, we can offer a one shop stop solution to created and offer our services as required.

Due to our 30 plus years experiences and trusted relationship with our manufacturers, and our skilled in house engineers and technicians we can create a dynamic one shop stop solution for you. Narang Projects relationship with our clients offers great satisfaction that their project will be completed properly on time and with approval from consultants, third party inspection agency's and most important of all Qatar Civil Defense approval for your project.


  1. Quality is supreme. We don’t let anyone come in the way of our reputation. For us to delivering quality work to our clients with the help of the best quality material is our only motto so that our reputation of providing quality work remains intact.
  2. Unity. We believe in teamwork and unity that’s why we work well together with our clients in every phase of the project. Our whole team works together to achieve excellence.
  3. Customer Satisfaction. For us our customers are our future. We always consider our clients' interest first and deliver the project on time so that our client won’t have to suffer.
  4. Right employees. We always hire the right people to be part of our team and do our best to help our employees flourish and enjoy our amazing working environment.
  5. Unlimited Queries. Our clients can ask us as many questions as they please. We will answer every question of our clients until they are satisfied.
  6. Quick solution. We don’t mind going out of our way to find a quick solution for your project.
  7. Accountable. We will be responsible and accountable for every action taken by us to accomplish the project.
  8. Proper Communication. We know when and where to deliver the information and to whom.

Operational Excellence:

With the ever changing advanced technology available to Narang Projects, Our professionally skilled technicians and engineers are constantly learning new methods and ways to protect the people who occupy all these amazing buildings, airports, and commercial faculties. Narang Projects main goal is to deliver excellent quality of work to our clients with affordable rates. We demand that the quality of our work be done correctly and as per code, and with the focus of keeping the cost of our work fair and honest for our clients benefits.

why Choose us

Narang Projects is a FM 4991 certified and Qatar Civil Defense approved applicator. We have the expertise, a amazing staff with over 30 plus years in top management in the passive fire protection industry. Narang Projects are one of the longest tenure companies in Qatar protecting buildings and lives. We offer turn key solutions and exceptional service to our clients and too the people of Qatar. "Our Mission is Saving lives"

Tailor Made Services

Tailor Made Services

We understand that every project requires a different solution. That’s why our team analysis the project carefully before mapping out the customized solution for the project.

Competent Team

Competent Team

Our team is a collection of highly competent senior management, Our DRIs are certified by FM 4991 (Factory Mutual) and approved by Qatar Civil Defence authorities.

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Narang Projects offers four turnkey solutions; Fire Resistive Construction Joints System, Expansion Joints System, Fire, and Smoke Resistive Curtain Wall Joints System and Firestop Through Penetration System.

Our Clients

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