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If you are looking for the best contractor for Lamathern services in Qatar, then stop looking now. That’s because we are the best Lamathern service provider which is manufactured by Sidesire. Our Lamathern servive offers a thermal solution, acoustic sealants, and fire barrier services also. Lamathern cavity barrier is manufactured within the building space to keep the fire away and preventing dangerous gases from spreading out in the whole building.

These cavity barriers are normally installed within the ceilings and roofs of the buildings. Our cavity barrier services are approved by numerous concerned authorities in Qatar. You will be delighted to know that we posses ISO certification as well. We aim to deliver world class services to our clients from the quality of material we use to the project management service we offer.

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Lamatherm has been verified and got approval from the Warrington Fire Research Centre (WFRC), and the barriers are available to suit 30, 60, 90 and 120-minute applications. The cavity barriers installation is a very vital and crucial process as they are installed in the hollow between the façade of rain screen and the most inner structure of the wall. Lamatherm barriers are properly sealed within the roof and ceiling of the building. These cavities are than concealed with appropriate Siderise within the structure of the building to add support brackets from preventing smoke and dangerous gases from invading the concealed space of the building.

With our top class cavity barrier services, we make sure that fire always stays away from your building. The siderise cavity barrier services come with the guarantee Thor fire will stay away from your building for a longer period and buy you time to protect yourself and your precious possessions. This is the most cost effective amp quick solution to protect your building from fire and maintain its safety.

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We are known to provide the imperial quality material to our clients. The market leading products are only offered by us. The time is a virtue for us and that’s why we prominently on time finishes our work.

The siderise cavity barriers are supported by us as they are easy to install and they are very cost effective. They can be easily customized according to the need and requirement of every client. Lamatherm services are carried out by our highly professional and skilled team of engineers. Our team has successfully delivered plenty of Lamatherm service projects. Our team is phenomenal and our service is impeccable because;

  • Our siderise Lamatherm Service is easy to install.
  • We are an approved service provider with the ISO certificate.
  • Timely delivery is our signature style.
  • We only deal in market leading products and only offers the best to our clients.


So, if you are looking for the best Lamatherm siderise Service in Qatar, then you have to just give a call to our experts for the number one service.

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