We grow with our employees!

Narang Project aims at providing a healthy, happy and culturally diverse working environment to our employees. We are a firm believer in the growth of our dedicated employees, so with our growth and success, our employees also grow hand in hand with us. We have an efficient team of more than 200 members who are working together in proper synch to achieve the excellence and all its credits go to the family culture which is maintained in our employees.

At Narang Project, we believe in offering the lucrative and golden opportunities to the employees who deserve it and shows their immersive talent to take the organization ahead. We don’t want our employees to just complete their job and leave behind, no we want our employees to grow and develop with us, we want our employees to give us their inputs on the different projects and participate in the management policies of the organization.

Our strength is in the human power that we own and we are really proud of having strong and sound personnel who have a focused approach towards rising higher while working together.If you are looking for the opportunity, where you can grow and develop your skills to the optimum level of perfection and attain the job satisfaction which you have always been looking for, then you have this opportunity in front of you in the name of Narang Project.

We can assure you that we will find that hidden talent beneath your skills and will help you in nourishing your talent in the right direction. With the help of competent team members and competent engineers, you will so much that no school or college can ever teach you.

So, if you are interested in learning the new skills and developing your career to the highest extent, then you should drop us an email with your current curriculum vitae and be ready to explore the new heights of success with us.

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